Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Week 31 - Poll Results & Poll #3

I guess 40% of you think Lisa has jungle fever because Jerome won last week's poll. But close behind was Mr. Miyagi with 30%, Regis with 20%, and Matt Damon with 10%.

This week's poll has only one correct answer so let's see if you can guess correctly!


maureen said...

Too bad there isn't a spot on these polls where you can write in your own answer. I voted for Jerome purely because the real father's name starts with the letter "J."

Anonymous said...

I always thought there was something weird about how Jerome cleaned Lisa's room better than anyone elses, or more how Jerome talked to himself. I would have said Mr. Miyage if he was DEAD..Scott!!!


Anonymous said...

I mean, If Mr. Miyage wasn't dead