Thursday, August 23, 2007

Week 32 - Day Daze

It has almost been an entire week since Lisa has been on bed rest. Tomorrow we have a doctor's appointment to see how Lisa is holding up. She hasn't had any contractions yet or any other sign that might signal impending birth (except for a baby hand coming out of her vagina).

Many of you have been wondering what Lisa is doing throughout the day. Before I left work today, I set up my digital camera to take random pictures of Lisa to show you her routine bed rest activities.

8:45am - Breakfast and watching the morning news.

10:12am - Reading the daily newspaper.

11:35am - Receiving an annoying phone call from a telemarketer.

12:30pm - Lunch.

1:17pm - Receiving an annoying phone call from Scott.

2:30pm - Crochet.

3:05pm - Woodwork project.

4:20pm - Practice breastfeeding.

5:00pm - Bowel movement.

6:15pm - Finish woodwork project.


mynameisanne said...

who knew lisa was handy with a drill?

Esme A.L. said...

um... everyone!?! Where you been, Anne?