Thursday, August 2, 2007

Week 29 -- At Yeast That's the Only Problem

This past Wednesday we had another doctor's appointment. Everything seems to be going just great. The kids are the exact same weight: 3 pounds and 2 ounces. They also have the same music taste (My Chemical Romance), the same fashion sense (emo), and the same therapist (Dr. Mizrachi). Our doctor said everything looks perfect and they look healthy. I then asked the doctor to stop looking at Lisa's breasts, and then he said the same thing about the twins.

The only concern Lisa brought up to the doctor was her insane itching in area. So the doctor decided to take a sample of her...problem spot. It was interesting to see how he took the sample. The doc took out what looked like two metal shoehorns interlocking with screws and nuts and bolts. It looked like a medieval sex toy that you would buy at your local blacksmith ("Aye, ye sex toy still be hot. Don't insert until cool, you addle-pated knave!"). Worst case scenario: Lisa has a yeast infection and will need some antibiotics. Best case scenario: Lisa has a yeast infection and we'll bake some fresh bread.

We were also able to request the date for the c-section: October 2nd. We don't know if this date is available yet, but should find out in two weeks at our next appointment. It's a surreal and powerful feeling that we picked the birth date for our kids. I mean WE picked the birthday that they will have for the rest of their lives. Only if we were able to have this omnipotent power over other baby issues: You Will Sleep Eight Hours Every Night; You Will Cook Your Own Meals; You Will Not Poop Or Pee Until You Are Potty Trained.

Today, our friends, Paul and Michelle, threw us our final baby shower (whew) today and I'll post pictures and all the details about it tomorrow!

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maureen said...

Scott, I'm dying to know... how'd the bread turn out??