Saturday, August 18, 2007

Week 31 - Crap!

That's all Lisa had to say after our doctor's appointment this morning. "Crap!"

Tomorrow is Lisa's 32nd week of pregnancy and so far everything has been fine. But today when the doctor was checking out Lisa's cervix, he told us there's some funneling. The only funneling I know are those tasty fried treats you get at the county fair so I got a wee bit hungry. Unfortunately, this type of funneling isn't tasty or good news. This means Lisa's cervix is thinning out ergo the babies could come very soon.

We asked the doctor whether or not we would make it to our scheduled c-section on October 2nd. He just looked at us and chuckled out a hearty "no". He said the babies could come any day or in the next 3-4 weeks.

"Crap," Lisa said.

He also told Lisa she should be on bed rest the remainder of her pregnancy.

"Crap," she repeated.

Lisa will now have weekly check-ups to see whether or not her cervix has improved or not. Hopefully this bed rest will keep the little edamames in their pod a little longer. Most twin pregnancies deliver around 36 weeks so if we can hold out another three weeks we should be just fine.

As we drove home, Lisa said, "Too bad we can't see Superbad in the theater now."

"Crap," said Scott.


maureen said...

Quick, Scott! Get a blog poll going about when we all think the due date will be.

Or better yet, can you set up some sort of online betting?

kevin said...

I saw Superbad. It was awesome!