Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 1382 - ICE CREAM!

On the weekends, I try to carry around our point and shoot camera because you never know what the kids might be up to.  Actually, I stand corrected because I have Lisa carry around the camera in her big ass purse.   She often complains having to lug the camera around, but I don't see what the harm is when she already has bottled water, boxes of raisins, make-up, a cell phone, seven tampons, and mace in there.

While we were chasing the kids up and down 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, the kids got very excited when they saw a four foot tall ice cream cone sculpture.  As they ran to it, I told Lisa to get me the camera.  After she accidentally handed me her maxipad pouch, I eventually got the camera and started to take pictures.

Pretty cute, right?  And as it is with the advent of the digital camera, one picture is never enough.  I began taking picture after picture hoping one of them would be the picture that would end all other Picture Friday entries.

But there was one little thing I didn't notice as I was playing self-involved photographer:

It was a damn trash can!   Lisa and I* felt foolish about this entire incident.  We immediately told the kids to stop touching and licking the ice cream sculpture because it was a trash can.  The kids were a little confused, but we showed them why and how it was a trash can;  I think it just made the kids even more confused.

I'll take a little blame for not realizing the ice cream cone was a receptacle for trash and vagrant waste, but why would you model a trash can like an ice cream cone?  Might as well make a urinal look like a water play table!  Or perhaps a stripper pole should look like a popsicle ("That popsicle don't taste like lemon-lime...").

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