Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 1365 - Conversations with Andrew

When I returned from work today, Andrew was super excited to show me this new Cars 2 book that Lisa bought him.  It was a book/playset that came with a dozen miniature-sized characters from Cars 2.  But what intrigued me most about this playset was to see how long it would take for those 12 miniature-sized versions of cars became 12 miniature-sized never-to-be-found-again versions of cars.

As we have been slowly accumulating a new Cars 2 car every week or so, a car that Andrew wanted to add to his collection was Holley Shiftwell.  Before the movie, he didn't have much interest in her, but once he realized that she also had to ability to turn into a plane -- well he was all over that. 

"Daddy!  Daddy!  I show you something!" screamed Andrew.

"What do you have there?"  I asked.

"Mommy buy me dis today.  Cars 2!  Cars 2!"  hyperventilated Andrew.

"Wow!  Look at all of those cars you have there," I said as I picked up the book and looked at he UPC cod.

"Look!  Look!"  Andrew held up his little Holley Shiftwell car to my face.  "It's Holley Sh#twell!"

"Err...umm," I said.

"Holley Sh#twell!  Holley Sh#twell!  Holley Sh#twell!" sang Andrew as he flew his car through the air.

I guess at the very least, Andrew will be prepared to answer his pediatrician when asked how his constipation is doing.

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