Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 1368 - Poop Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

As most guys will admit, poop humor is hilarious.  I think this is one reason for fathers that parenthood is so fascinating and hilarious.  Until your kids are 100% potty trained, conversations about poop is as common as conversations about the weather.  "Today is going to be partially cloudy" is analogous to "Emma crapped three times today."

Lisa is getting a little annoyed with me and my poop humor because the kids are starting to pick up on it.  I think it's great because me and the kids can have belly laughs about poop for hours on end; this leaves Lisa out of the picture.  I'll just chalk Lisa's annoyance to petty jealousy.

What I find a little fascinating now is that the kids are beginning to personify their poops.  They'll tell stories about their poops as if they are actual people.  I suppose this could be a little disturbing to some people, but I think this is all about the kids developing their imagination.  Now if they start to pull their poops out of the toilet and add their Mr. Potatohead accessories to it, I'll draw the line there -- although how creative is that?  Bravo!

The other day, Emma was pooping, and Lisa was waiting for her to finish.  Lisa asked Emma if she was done.  Emma answered, "Well, the Mommy and Daddy poop came out, but there's still a baby poop waiting."

"Mommy and Daddy poop?" Lisa asked.

"Yah," said Emma.  "Mommy and Daddy poops are the BIIIIG ones."

I suppose that makes sense, no?  Mostly figuratively though.

"What about the baby poop?" continued Lisa.

"The baby poops are the little tiny ones that come out last.  My baby poop is crying, 'Let me out!  Let me out!'" explained Emma.  "The baby poop wants to see Mommy and Daddy poop."

After Lisa relayed this story to me, there was only one thought in my mind:  I've never been prouder of Emma.

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Baby Poop Chart said...

Of course, the mention of poop in the conversation is very common particularly when new parents deal with it. Unless potty trained, its a great suffering for most parents.

Its going through hell, but thanks to my son, he got potty trained pretty early!