Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 1351 - Conversations with Emma & Andrew

Bedtime is often a stressful chore for all involved.  In order to keep everyone's patience in check, I try to do a little give and take.  But every time I give the kids an extra five minutes, they take fifteen and my sanity.

The other night, Emma was upset because her sheets were messy.  I told her to try and fix it herself, and that the sheets wouldn't be so messy if she would stop doing a one woman show of Five Little Monkeys on her bed.

"My sheets are messy!" cried Emma.

I ignored her.

"My sheets!  My sheets!  Fix my sheets!" demanded Emma.

I started to play NBA Jam on my ipad.

"Fix!  My!  Sheets!" screamed Emma.

And then I heard through the monitor, Andrew chiming in.  "My sheets aren't messy, Emma," said Andrew.

"My sheets!  They are messy!" continued Emma.

"Emma," said a snarky Andrew.  "I like my sheets.  Look!"

Although I found this pretty damn amusing, I figured it was time to intervene.  I went upstairs and carried Emma into our bedroom so she could calm down without Andrew chiming in with his two cents.

As I placed Emma into my bed, I said, "Emma.  Calm down.  What's wrong?"

"My...HUH...sheets...SNIFF...are...GASP...messy!" said a hyperventilating Emma.

"Emma," I said as I stroked her sweaty forehead.  "You just need to calm down and go to sleep.  Please be a good girl."

And then, all the way from the other bedroom, I heard Andrew shout, "I'm in bed!  I'm a good boy!"

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