Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 1344 - Conversations with Andrew

No matter how young or old a boy is, there is a fascination with boobies.  Andrew has started a bad habit of poking Lisa's breasts at home.  Obviously this is wrong on several fronts.  First of all, you can not have your three year old kid go around and start poking women's breasts.  And secondly, it is just not right when your three year old is touching your wife's breasts more than you.

One night, Andrew started to poke Lisa's boobs again.

"Poke poke poke!" laughed Andrew.

"Andrew," scolded Lisa.  "Don't do that.  That's not nice."

"I poke your booby!" screamed Andrew.

"You need to stop," explained Lisa.

"When I get older, I want dem too!" proclaimed Andrew.

Lisa wanted to clarify.  "Want what?"


"Andrew.  Boys do not have boobies."

"But I want boobies like you!" whined a disappointed Andrew.

"Well, boys do not have boobies.  Only girls have boobies."

Andrew pouted for a few seconds when an idea popped into his head and he said, "Then I want to be a girl!"

At this point, I grabbed Andrew, put him on the sofa, turned on ESPN, and gave him a can of beer.

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