Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 1340 - Conversations with Emma & Andrew

Good news and bad news.  The good news is that the kids are so much better playing with each other.  The bad news is that they also know how to push each other's buttons.

Emma and Andrew were playing with a box of Legos, and Andrew was very proud of this airplane that he made.  He was going around to Lisa and myself saying, "Look!  I made a plane!"  Lisa told Andrew he did a great job, and I said he did a great job for a three year old, but I could probably make a better one.

And what did Emma do?  She took Andrew's plane and took it apart.  Andrew threw a fit, but a minute or two later he calmed down and began to build something else.  This was not the reaction Emma wanted, so she remade the plane and tried to give it back to Andrew.

"Andrew!" Emma shouted.  "Look!  I made your airplane again."

Andrew ignored Emma.

"Andrew!  Look!"  Emma demanded.  "I took your plane apart, but I put it back together and I give back to you."

Andrew didn't look at Emma, but mumbled, "I'm busy..."

Emma did not give up.  "Andrew!  You're suppose to say thank you!  I want to give you your plane back!  Here, Andrew."

Andrew once again mumbled, "I'm busy..."

Emma continued.  "Andrew!  Andrew!  Take your plane.  Look!  I made it again!  Say thank you to me!  You're suppose to say thank you when I give it back to you!"

And then Andrew stood up and shouted in Emma's face, "I SAID I'M BUSY!!!!!!!"

And so the battle of the sexes begins...

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