Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 1339 - Not My Favorite Things

For the past two weeks, our house has been a sick pit.  It has been a never-ending tag team of illness:  colds, flues, fevers, puke, diarrhea, pink eye, ear infections, lung wheezing, mucus, and a nose zit (Okay...that's not so much an illness than a disgusting annoyance.).

I'd have to say that our family has been pretty healthy for the most part, but something vicious overtook the household -- and I'm not even talking about Crazy Grandma visiting us last week.  Thankfully, we were diligent enough to take the kids to the doctor, and we kept them out of school for the past week.  Finally, the kids are on the mend while the parents are trudging through the days.

Since this sick abyss has really overtaken our lives, what better way to explain what has been going on than with a song!  Sing along to the classic The Sound of Music song "My Favorite Things".


Fevers are rising and ice packs are chilling
Earaches are fixed by some amoxicillin
Trash bags with poop are tied up with strings
These aren't a few of my favorite things

Puke on my arms and foreheads on fire
The doctor made us go and rent a humidifier
No sleep at night made me miss Tivo-ing
These aren't a few of my favorite things

Used tissues made our floor look like a pigsty
Did I say that Andrew also had pink eye?
The screaming at night makes our tired ears ring
These aren't a few of my favorite things

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