Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 984 - Belated Birthday Bonanza

Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) is in town visiting for a few weeks. Although she is often thoughtful (mostly about herself), she forgot to send our mom a birthday card last month. And since you know what our mom is like, you can imagine the high drama.

A few weeks ago, Crazy Grandma was asking if a birthday card from Anne came in the mail. When I told her no, she went into this incoherent tirade, "No card for poor momma. I take picture of cards, but I wait. I wait for mail. But no birthday for me. I take picture with no card for me. Oh well. Poor me. No birthday for card."

Well imagine Crazy Grandma's surprise when Auntie Anne not only gave her a coupon for a delicious cinnamon sugar pretzel, but a birthday card with an extra special surprise inside. Here's a video that captured the joyous (and crazy) reaction.

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