Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 975 - Sticker Explanation

I confronted Crazy Grandma about the stickers on our computer desk. I tried to be gentle and easy-going about it because I knew if I became too confrontational, it would only make Crazy Grandma defensive and angry.

So I said in a very calm manner, "What the hell happened to our computer desk, woman?"

Crazy Grandma explained that she and Lazy Grandpa were in the kids' room keeping an eye on Andrew while Emma was in the living room. Crazy Grandma noticed that it was very quiet in the living room so she figured either Emma was getting into trouble or the patio door was open and Emma made a break for freedom.

It took a little bit of time for Crazy Grandma to find Emma. Not because Emma was well hidden, but Crazy Grandma got a little hungry and made some tempura and tea for herself during the hunt.

I told Crazy Grandma that we tell the kids that they can only put their stickers on paper, and they shouldn't put it anywhere else. Crazy Grandma shrugged and told me that kids will be kids.

So then, I told Crazy Grandma that maybe the next time they give the kids stickers to play with, they should keep a closer eye on them. Crazy Grandma shrugged and told me that kids have never got hurt on their watch.

Enough was enough, and it was time to be honest. I told Crazy Grandma that I wasn't happy that Emma stuck stickers all over the computer desk, and if it the stickers don't come off the desk would be ruined.

And it was now time for Crazy Grandma to be honest, "Good. I never liked that desk anyways."

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