Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 980 - So You Think You Can Shake?

When Crazy Grandma and Lazy Grandpa babysit, there's always a time in the day when they play music for the kids. Unfortunately, my parents forgot in their old age that they don't actually know how to play any instruments so they smartly resorted to the good old CD player.

Crazy Grandma grew tired of the CD I created for the kids which was a mixture of Disney songs, Broadway overtures, and Gregorian chants. As she snooped through our music shelf, she found a CD that had a bunch of children songs. She might as well have struck a triple 7 jackpot at her favorite Indian casino because the kids LOVE the CD.

There's this one particular song sung by the ever-affable and forever annoying Raffi called "Shake Your Sillies Out." Although I do believe this song title was once a dating catchphrase in San Francisco and West Hollywood in the mid-80s, this Raffi song is one of those children's songs where you're suppose to dance along with the lyrics.

Andrew isn't too fond of shaking his sillies, but Emma loves to dance along with the song. Here's a short video of Emma shaking away!

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