Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 977 - Don't Say Cheese!

Look at that kid of ours! Look at those beaming eyes! Look at that joyful smile! Enjoy it while you can because it ain't going to last much longer.

Andrew has as good a natural smile as any other kid his age. The simple childhood pleasures of playing, running, and freely peeing in your pants can bring a grin to any toddler. But realizing that very same child with a great smile falters when asked to smile on cue makes you grateful for having an affordable 8 gig memory card in your digital camera.

Recently, when we have asked Andrew to smile for the camera, he gives this really forced grin. Using the word "grin" to describe Andrew's facial expression is probably an insult to those who can actually grin. What Andrew does when we ask him to smile is the following: he bends his neck, squints his eyes, furrows his forehead, and makes his mouth crooked. A smile it is not, but an impression of Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot is quite a possibility.

For the time being, we find Andrew's smile pretty hilarious. I wonder how long this crooked smile is going to last, but I'm thinking to cover it up instead of telling Andrew, "Say cheese," I may say instead, "Say Stephen Hawkins." Is that totally wrong?

Here are a few pictures of Andrew's forced smile:

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Star said...

As a photographer, I have to say it lasts years & years.