Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 970 - Freak Out

I'll have more to tell you about our ongoing struggles to put the kids back on a nap schedule, but today's blog is proof that the kids still need a nap. We had a busy afternoon because we were out looking at homes again. When we returned home, Emma actually took a nap today because she was so tired, but Andrew did not. Much like the college student who drinks his first double espresso during finals week, Andrew will be wired for several hours, but quickly crash and burn before the end of the day.

Before bedtime, the kids were playing with their toy cars. I made a long car ramp out of cardboard so Emma and Andrew found this very exciting. As you watch the video, I hope you will be able to tell the point at which Andrew's short fuse explodes. It's a little subtle, so watch really carefully...

1 comment:

maureen said...

I know that music... gotta love Ratatouille!
And that's a mighty scream Andrew's got there :)