Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 70 - Picture Commentary

With today's batch of pictures, I thought I'd add a little commentary with each photo.

When Anne came to visit, she bought the kids these baby hapi coats. Hapi coats are Japanese overcoats or robes with fairly large sleeves. They are not to be mistaken with "happy coats" which grown men use to flash unsuspecting people.

Here we are with the kids on Thanksgiving day. It is pretty difficult to get both kids to be up at the same time to take a picture. Usually one is asleep or fussy. But thankfully we had some leftover amphetamines and gave it to the kids. Aren't they cute when they're high?

I got my haircut this past weekend and it was not exactly what I asked for. She cut it in away that makes me look like a Japanese Ed Grimley ("That Pat Sajak looks like a decent hakujin, I must saaaay!"). But after thinking about it, I realized that my hair looked a bit like Andrew's little faux-mohawk. Don't we look menacing?

My sister thought it would be funny if we took a picture of her and Andrew both swaddled in a blanket. And I thought it would be funny if we left Anne swaddled for hours on end. That's why my sister's crying like a wuss frightened of a monster book.

Our fussy little girl, Emma, is caught smiling for a moment in this picture. Doesn't she remind you of Emma Thompson in the HBO movie "Wit"?

We've received so much clothing from baby showers and gifts that Lisa tries to put them in as many outfits as possible. Here they are with their "Perfect Pair" shirts which is much cuter than the "Perfect Pare" shirts with actor Michael Pare's double feature of "Streets of Fire" and "Eddie and the Cruisers."

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