Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 69 - Dancing With The Mom

For some reason, people love seeing obscure celebrities dancing for a trophy. I don't get it. Do we really need to see the remaining cast members of "Maude" duking it out with a samba? Me thinks not.

You may ask what does a reality show has to do with this baby blog? Well just wait until I finish my story.

Last night was the finale of "Dancing With the Stars", and my mom and Lisa are big fans of the show. I usually use the time when they are watching Bernie Kopell doing the cha-cha to update this blog. The entire season my mom was a big fan of Helio, a race car driver. I truly wonder what his fellow opponents think when they see him in a leotard doing jazz hands. I'd imagine it would be the same reaction if the Third Reich saw Hitler celebrating at a bar mitzvah.

When the Mormon community and the state of Utah was unable to give Marie Osmond the win, Helio the Driver triumphed over Mel the Old Spice. My mom was so excited to see Helio score the victory, she jumped up from the chair and began to dance. But not only did she dance by herself (and here comes the baby part), she grabbed Andrew from Lisa's arm and began dancing with him. Poor Andrew looked so confused...and flamboyant.

So in celebration of Helio winning, I put together this little clip of my mom's celebratory dance. Enjoy!

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