Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 52 - Family Business

The past weekend was a revolving door of family. Last Friday (which marked Week 7 for the kids), Susan (Lisa's sister) and Jamie (Susan's daughter) flew down from Santa Clara to visit us and Mama Ichinaga. On Saturday, Susan's son, Kevin, drove from Ridgecrest with his fiancee, Shelvey, to visit us and Susan and Jamie and Mama Ichinaga. And on Sunday, Susan, Jamie, and Mama Ichinaga flew back to Santa Clara while Mama & Papa Ichikawa flew down to stay with us for the next few weeks. And what does this mean for you? A handful of family stories!!!

Since Susan always does so much for us (You hear that Auntie Anne? A bagful of pretzels ain't gonna cut it.), Lisa and I decided we would like to treat everyone out for breakfast. For you non-Asians out there, paying the restaurant bill is a very physical and mental act. I have had many a meals in which my aunts and uncles connived, tackled and in one instance maimed for the tab. With that in mind, after we ordered our breakfast it was Susan, Lisa, and myself in front of the cashier. Susan reached for her purse; I reached for my purse. Before the cashier could tell us the total, I pulled out my credit card. Susan pushed me aside and pulled out her credit card. I told Susan we wanted to pay, but she ignored me and took my Visa. I tried to get it back, but Susan's vice like grip surprised me. I then searched my purse for another credit card; I found a Mastercard behind my Forever 21 Frequent Buyer card. But Susan shoved me aside and told the cashier, "They're on a fixed income! They're on a fixed income!" Not too sure what to say after that, I regressed to my standard comeback: I no speaka Engrish.

As I was driving Lisa's family to the airport, Jamie asked if we could swing by Coffee Bean for drinks. I said sure. Then a few seconds later, Mama Ichinaga quietly says, "Why do you want to get coffee beans for? Are you going to get them ground?"

Yesterday, Lisa decided to experiment and see how the kids would react to only breast feeding and no formula. Unfortunately, yesterday was also the first day my mom returned. Seeing the kids were a bit fussy, she kept on pleading to Lisa in her passive-aggressive way to feed the kids some formula. She did not do this only once, but did it again and again and again...

3:40pm -- "You so fussy because mommy don't want to feed you!"
4:55pm -- "Look how sad you are. I would give you bottle but mommy says no."
5:35pm -- "Please don't cry because you are starving."
6:15pm -- "Emma seem so much lighter because you are not feeding her."
7:48pm -- "I can't say anything else or else mommy may bitchslap me again."

Sometimes there are times when I clearly realize I get my odd sense of humor from my mom. Emma has been going through this phase for the past week or so where she needs to be held or cradled in order to calm down or sleep. Today, Lisa witnessed my mom taking care of Emma saying things that...well...I would say.

Grandma Ichikawa would hold Emma and say, "Hi Emmmmah. Hi Emmmah. I'mgoingtodropyou! Juuuuust jokey!"

Or my mom would put Emma down in her crib to see whether or not she would fall asleep. Inevitably, Emma would start to cry. And thus began a fake out game between Grandma and Emma. My mom would say, "Okokok. Let me pick you up." She would proceed to grab Emma's arms, but would then drop them and say, "I no pick you up!" This would go on several times until my mom grew tired of this joke. She then went into her bedroom and did this same joke to my sleeping dad.

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures! I promise...

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