Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 60 - Say Cheese & Vinegar

First of all, here are a few pictures from the past week:

"While you're humiliating me, why don't you just take my top off and make me wear a bra?"

"Where'd my puppet go?"

"We can read between the lines...you're calling us pigs! How dare you! Take it back!"

"...umm...okay...maybe we're kinda piggy..."

"What the hell? I thought you were taking the picture AFTER '3' not ON '3'!"

Also, the Ichikawa family tends to play quite a few practical jokes on each other; I'm sure it will continue on with Andrew and Emma. My first memory of playing a practical joke was when I was probably five years old. I was home with my mom playing with play-doh. Mom told me we should make the play-doh look like taffy and then wrap it up in wax paper and give it to my dad when he came home from work. When my dad came home, he of course ate it. I thought it was hilarious despite the fact my mom got a beating.

So tonight during dinner, my mom got up to carry Andrew because he was a little fussy. As she walked to the bedroom, I ran to the kitchen cupboard, grabbed the bottle of white vinegar, and poured it into my mom's water glass. My dad and Lisa all acted as if nothing happened as I set up the camera to video this all unfolding. As you watch the video, I find my dad's reaction to be just as funny as my mom whining about her water. My dad just kinda chuckles and then continues to eat his dinner as if he has seen this all before...which he has. And yes...I'm immature. So sue me (but you can't because my fingers are crossed).

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