Friday, November 16, 2007

Day 56 - That Looks Familiar

It has become a regular routine to cater our fussy little George Costanza by carrying and swaying her from room to room. When she begins to calm down and gives us the look of "serenity now", we make our way to the crib ready to drop and release.

Today as I was standing next to the crib, our little Costanza stared at the ceiling right beyond my shoulder. She was very calm and began to make little fish lips by puckering. It was quite cute -- even by Jason Alexander standards.

Curious to see what she was staring at, I turned my head and saw our ceiling light which looks like this:

Sadly, I too began to pucker my lips reminiscing the days before the twins.

I have a couple of posts and pictures almost ready to post this weekend, but let me leave you with a Grandma Ichikawa story.

My mom has very sensitive skin and is allergic to a lot of different types of detergents and lotions. When she comes to stay with us, she needs to use specific brands of soaps and cleaning liquids around the place. And bizarrely enough, her excessive use of bleaches and clorox over the years has caused her fingerprints to disappear.

Grandma Ichikawa reminded Lisa of her condition by telling her, "My eczema is very bad on my hands. So bad that I no have fingerprints on my fingers. So you know what that means? I could kill you and nobody would ever find out." And she punctuates this last sentence with a lame karate chop in the air.

All I will add to the defense of my mom is that Lisa's mom packs heat and sleeps with a machete she calls Mr. Sexy.

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