Sunday, July 1, 2007

Week 24 - Northern California Edition Part 1

Currently we are up here in Northern California visiting our respective families. For those of you who do not know where Northern California is, it is just north of Southern California.

Here is a day by day breakdown of what has happened thus far:

Friday, June 22nd: Traveled to Santa Clara. Did several restroom stops due to Lisa's increasingly pressurized bladder (Thar she pees, captain!). We stopped off at a place called Casa de Fruita which I believe translates to Case of Fruit. As I was squeezing some fleshy plumots, this Asian fellow comes up to me and gives me the secret Asian Brotherhood sign: a quick bow followed by three consecutive yelps of "SONY"; I knew this conversation would be safe. At first I thought he was one of my groupies from my musical theater days ("Will you please do the shipoopi dance for me?"), but he was actually a past co-worker from Warner Bros. in the estimating department. Only goes to show you what a small world we live in -- although for us diminutive Japanese folk the world is relatively larger.

Saturday, June 23rd: Today is what Lisa has called "The Worst Baby Shower Ever." Lisa's sister and niece, Susan and Jamie, threw us a baby shower at their place. We got there a little early to help set-up. Lisa put some appetizers into plates. One of which were cantaloupe slices wrapped with prosciutto. As Lisa dry heaved after tasting it, she muttered, "Worst baby shower ever."

Soon, the guests arrived and couldn't tell the difference between the lemonade and the water. You see the water was in this large water jug with a bunch of cut lemons. Therefore people were confused. As Lisa spit out the water she thought was lemonade, she muttered, "Worst baby shower ever."

We all began to eat and play some some baby shower games like the traditional "How Large is Lisa's Belly" (Although I suggested playing "How Large Are Lisa's Cankles" until I realized we wouldn't have enough yarn.). Then came dessert: cupcakes, ice cream, and a chocolate fountain! Unfortunately as Lisa was attempting to chocolate fondue up a strawberry, a small gust of wind came through the backyard and sprayed chocolate liquid all over the place. As Lisa was wiping up chocolate from her crotch, she muttered, "Worst baby shower ever."

Ironically after talking to all of Lisa's family, they thought this was the best baby shower ever because Lisa dry heaved, spit out lemonade, and stained her crotch with simulated poop.

Sunday, June 24th: We drove up to Emeryville to visit my friend, Maureen, who works at Pixar. This evening Pixar had a screening of their new hit film Ratatouille. Time Magazine calls it "amazing", The Wall Street Journal proclaims it "irresistible", and USA Today says it is "delicious fun" (Is that enough of a plug for you, Maureen?)! Since traffic was pretty light, there was plenty of time to walk around and admire their walls of art highlighting their hit movies: Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc. As I dreamily admired the artwork, I realized how much I have in common with Pixar: one hit television show after another! Nick Freno, Movie Stars, Hype, The War at Home. John Lasseter and I are practically twin geniusses...geniuss...genieies. Cross your fingers for Pixar's full-length animated feature of Hangin' With Mr. Cooper (probably voiced by John Ratzenberger).

Monday & Tuesday, June 25th-26th: These two days were basically days to relax and hang out with Lisa's family which is fairly large: they all weigh over 190 pounds each. Actually she has one older sister and four older brothers; Lisa is the "pleasant surprise" baby in the family. One funny story about one of our nephews, Jason. He was in 2nd grade this year, and his teacher asked the class "What type of liquids do you find in containers?" Jason raises his hand and answers "Bud Light." Silly inebriated boy...

Wednesday, June 27th: Today we did a quick day trip to San Francisco. As we were driving to Pier 39 for lunch, Lisa noticed that there was a Giants game at AT&T Park. "Could we please see a game today?" Lisa pleaded. And since I'm just that sort of husband I said, "Shut up. No." And she continued to plead and whine and beg. So I dropped her off at the box office to see if they had tickets; they did and she bought them. I proceeded to find parking for the bargain price of $30 (I left my wallet in San Francisco). After I parked, I went to find Lisa waiting for me in front of the ticket booth. She was sitting on a stoop with her feet dangling about two feet off the ground. I yelled to get her attention, and then she JUMPED to the ground. Suddenly, Lisa's eyes looked Caucasian as the twins made contact with the bottom of her belly. Lisa is fine except for the fact that she pulled her belly muscles. So every time she stands up, she winces a bit and utters a Merv Griffin-like "oooooo." And since this Giants game was unplanned, we were without sunscreen. Sadly, I am very fair-skinned like a beautiful princess sheltered in a castle. So I now have this weird v-shaped sunburn on my chest created by my button-down shirt. As for Lisa, she looks like a raccoon because of her sunglass sunburn (or a Caucasian raccoon when she stands up. "Oooo.").

Here is a link to some photos from our Bay Area trip:


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