Monday, July 23, 2007

Week 28 -- Baby Shower #4 & Anniversary #7

This past Saturday, our wonderful friends, Suzy & Jodie, threw us a baby shower (#4!) over at California Canteen. All of my co-worker friends from the good old days were there: Jay, Colleen, Marilyn. And a few could not make it: Kari and Eric. And a few were not invited because through actions of their own, they caused deep hatred in my fragile heart: the guy who didn't know my name so he called me "Bub"; the inebriated crew member who had to be driven home and from afar looked like he was giving oral pleasure to my co-worker; and the crazy producers who had us feng shui the soundstage and the entire, damn production office for good luck although the show got canceled after three months on the air.

It was great to see everyone, and it was like old times again: Suzy had me clean out a hamster cage, and Jay threw a coffee mug across the room after breaking the restaurant's phone. Those truly were the good old days.

Then this past Sunday, it was our seventh wedding anniversary (And to think it only took six years to finally have sex.). We had a nice big breakfast at this coffee shop in Encino, and then had a delicious Hawaiian dinner at Roy's in Woodland Hills. Every year, we buy each other a traditional anniversary gift: This year is what I call the dreaded year of copper and wool. After having misgivings about giving Lisa a sheep with a penny up its ass, I decided upon a bunch of balls of wool yarn because she is trying to learn how to knit. And after doing a little googling, I found out the modern 7th anniversary gift is a desk set. So I got one of those with a clock, pen, and a picture frame large enough for a picture of the twins or a nice backlit glamour shot of me. Pretty decent gifts, no?

And what did Lisa get me? She got me a pair of wool socks and a DVD of "Groundhog Day." Sock, ok. "Groundhog Day", say what?

I'm telling you...pregnancy makes your wife a bit loopy.


I'm telling you...pregnancy makes your wife a bit loopy.

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