Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Week 25 -- Dirty Uterus

One nice amenity about our new place is that it has a pool. It hasn't been overly hot yet, but Lisa enjoys the water and being in the pool relieves the belly weight. Although I was concerned about the water displacement of the pool, I figured it is much more important for Lisa to feel comfortable. During one of my phone conversations with my mom, I was telling her how Lisa was going to take a dip in the pool. This concerned my mom.
"Is it safe?" asked Linda, my mother.
"Yah, Mom. It's good for pregnant women to be in the pool."
"But is pool clean? Is it safe for babies?"
"...yes, it's clean..."
"I just...well...I don't want her to have dirty...uterus."
At that point, I grimaced. I no longer wanted to talk about the cleanliness of Lisa's uterus. Now if we were talking about her anus or vagina that would've been totally fine. But I draw the line at the uterus.

Besides the uterus conversation, it was been a pretty busy week for us. We're trying to get everything prepared for the babies before the end of the month because I start my next show in August. I told Lisa not to rush because I'm sure the show will be canceled by October, but she still wanted the nursery ready. She chose the color scheme of the room: pastel yellow and pastel blue. She chose the theme of the room: ocean/beach life. She chose new furniture for the room: a bunch of shelves at Ikea. She also chose me to lug all of the furniture upstairs, make all of the furniture, buy paint, prime the furniture, and paint all of the furniture with the new color scheme. I'm slowly realizing I don't have much choice nowadays.

We had another doctor's appointment this week too. The babies looked fine -- still looked like those creepy television images from "The Ring". The size of the kids cannot be more than 15% different otherwise you may need to have an early birth to save both of them; right now the difference between the two of them is 8% so we're totally in the clear. Also, Lisa told the doctor how her belly has been aching because she jumped off the brick stoop at AT&T Park last week. Our knowledgeable doctor gives us a wise look and tells Lisa, "Don't jump." And that's why he gets the big bucks! Why didn't we think of that? Suddenly my solution of having Lisa jump upside down to reverse the pain sounds amateurish at best.

I think I'll try to update the blog on a more regular basis with shorter posts as the weeks go by. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make this blog more interesting let me know! And I totally forgot to post the photos from the Sacramento end of our trip, so I'll post a link tomorrow.


mynameisanne said...

why is mom so weird?

mynameisanne said...

also, more interesting = talk about your awesome sister.

Esme A.L. said...

yes, more about "Auntie Anne" and her pretzel franchise is definitely in order.

Anonymous said...

hi scott and lisa...i love reading your blog..very entertaining. hope the cankles are treating you well lisa..talk to you soon...

Anonymous said...

the last post was me..paula