Sunday, July 1, 2007

Week 24 - Northern California Edition Part 2

Here's the Sacramento edition of our trip:

Thursday, June 28th - If we're in Sacramento, there's one thing for certain: we will be going to an Indian casino. Today we traveled about 30 minutes outside of Sacramento to the sacred Indian grounds of Cache Creek Casino. Otherwise known to us losing Ichikawas as Cache Crap or Douche Creek. Fortunately nobody lost too much, and my mom actually came back $100 richer. Sadly she didn't win the money gambling, and I feel dirty talking about this. Let's proceed to the next day...

Friday, June 29th - We went to see a matinee of Live Free and Die Hard in Downtown Sacramento. It was a fun popcorn movie, but why in a fairly empty theater did people have to sit in front and back of us? I swear there must've been at least 150 other seats to choose from yet Elderly Couple #1 with their hard candy wrappers sit in front of us, and Elderly Couple #2 with the wife that explains everything to the husband sits behind us.

Later that night, we met up with some of my friends from high school: Koichi and Jennifer. Koichi brought his wife, Janet, and daughter, Ellie, and Jenn brought her husband, Kenny. The interesting thing about Kenny is that we share the same last name, so Jennifer is now an Ichikawa. Anyhoo, we all hung out at Koichi's place after dinner playing poker and Wii. I've got to say I was quite impressed with Lisa's poker game. Her big tell is when she's not too sure what to do, she'll grab her belly in pain, ask for a glass of water, then peek at her opponent's cards as they grab her a drink.

Saturday, June 30th - Today was the Ichikawa family baby shower sans chocolate fountain fiasco. We all met up at this Chinese restaurant named Fortune House. My mom ordered 12 dishes for 10 people. I thought she went overboard, but by gum, people had a healthy appetite! Even my 92 year old grandma was chomping down on the sweet and sour ribs. After dinner, we all went back to my parent's place for presents, desserts and games. As it now seems par for the course, we got plenty of cute clothes for the twins (The twins are still waiting for their 50" LCD television, people!). Dessert was this huge fruit basket cake that my 92 year old diabetic grandma ate as if she was hooked up to an IV of insulin. And it was hilarious to see my entire family play bowling on the Wii. I must note how competitive my mom is with any games. Once my relatives left, my mom wanted to play Wii tennis. She was all over the place! Up, down, left, right. It's as if she was back at Cache Creek trying to make another $100. Oh god. Flashback. Let's proceed to the next day...

Sunday, July 1st - A fairly relaxing day. My parents took us out to lunch at CPK, then did a little window shopping at the local mall. And at night we watched the Marky Mark epic "Shooter" courtesy of Netflix. But the thing that I will remember most about today is this: I had to cut Lisa's toenails! She's getting so large it's difficult for her to bend over now. I don't think I ever cut someone else's toenails before, and it's not a very pleasant experience. In the first place, if I haven't mentioned this before, Lisa's feet are swollen. Secondly, she wears sandals all the time now so her feet are stanky, sweaty, and calloused. Lastly, I have this fear of clipping nail and skin simultaneously. But I was still a trooper and cut all of her toenails. Lisa assured me that other husbands have to do this for their pregnant wives, but I ask you this: What do fat people do? I mean I'm not an expert at the pedicure habits of the overweight, but my casual observations leads me to believe that they cut their own toenails. Have you ever seen a fatty at the beach dragging their rake-like toenails in the sand? Not me! I say Lisa punk'd me. Case closed!

Monday, July 2nd - Last day in Sacramento. I helped my parents clean up the house in the morning, went out to lunch, and then packed the car and returned to LA. Lisa observed an Ichikawa trait as we were saying our good byes: Ichikawas are not big on hugs. Instead of the traditional full contact hugs, Ichikawas basically look like they are dusting dandruff off your shoulder. "Oh you're leaving? Good bye, and let me get that dead scalp skin off..." I suppose Japanese in general aren't the most touchy-feely people in the world, but I guess we're touchy-feely enough to have twins.

All in all, it was a great trip and big thanks to our families and friends! Lisa's still doing great, and our next doctor's appointment is this Thursday. I'll post a link to some pictures from Sacramento in the next day or so.

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22 years into our friendship, I think Anne might faint every time I hug her.