Thursday, June 21, 2007

Week 23 -- Ankles Part Deux

Don't mean to overemphasize Lisa's redwood forest-like ankles, but we had a doctor's appointment today. And this time our doctor made an ankle comment!

Doctor: Do you have any concerns?
Lisa: Well, my ankles are swollen.
Doctor: Your blood pressure is fine so I wouldn't worry about your...cankles (chortle). You know what cankles are?
Lisa: ...yes...
Doctor: It's when there's no defined area between the calf and the ankle. You put those two words together and you get cankle (chortle). That's what you have.
Lisa: ...yes, i know...
Scott: I call her Babar.
Doctor: Like the elephant!
Scott: Yup! Because her legs look like elephant legs!
Doctor: Like...elecankles!

Needless to say, I like our doctor. Although it was quite weird having this conversation while he was analyzing Lisa's cervix with a probe in her coochi-coochi. The last time that happened we were drunk at a karaoke bar with a flashlight and a disposable camera. And by 'we' I mean myself and the doctor.

Otherwise everything is perfectly fine with Lisa and the babies. The great thing about having twins is that we get a brief ultrasound of the kids with every appointment. This time we saw the kids doing 'fetal breathing' which means the babies are healthy. The doctor tried to jostle one of the kids by shaking Lisa's belly, but all that did was make Lisa pee.

Tomorrow, we are driving to Northern California and will be up there for over a week. Lisa's sister and her niece are throwing her an Ichinaga baby shower on Saturday. Then next Saturday my mom is throwing us an Ichikawa baby shower. I don't think I've experienced such an intense showering experience since Meryl Streep in "Silkwood."

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting this silly blog. Keep the comments coming in, and I'll try to update whenever something interesting comes our way. Right now there's nothing else to report as I look at Lisa sleeping on the sofa with a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of scotch in the other. Isn't that cuuuuuute? Look at that pregnant glow. Oh wait. She's on fire. Talk later!


Esme A.L. said...

Maybe you could at least call her Celeste? So as not to strip her of all femininity?

can't wait to meet these babies!

mynameisanne said...

Silly, Esme. Lisa is a man.

Esme's Mom said...

I agree with Esme. Hope Lisa just ignores her mean sister-in-law. Send her to the showers and make her play all those silly games!!

Anonymous said...

The actual picture of Babar is the icing on the cake. Let me guess Lisa was rolling her eyes as you and the dr. were having the cankles/Babar conversation! Gosh, I can totally see it! Love it!!!

Koichi said...

Did the doctor really say those words as you typed them. That's just surreal. I didn't know real people like the existed. Your poor future children... if Ann thinks she was forced to be in some weird movies... well enough said. I can't wait til they're born!!!

blake said...

i think babar should kick your ass!

al522 said...

Cigarettes and scotch? That's exactly how my mom prepared for my birth! I'm not kidding!