Sunday, July 15, 2007

Week 27 - Uuh Uuh Uuuuuuh

Week by week, Lisa is becoming more uncomfortable. So much so her most popular word of late is the word "uuh." It's quite the versatile word since it can mean many different things. One "uuh" means she is about to stand up. Two "uuhs" means she is putting on her socks (one "uuh" for each foot). And three or more "uuhs" means she didn't have enough fiber in her diet.

But I think the situation that has the most "uuhs" is getting into bed. One night I was in bed watching television, and here comes Mrs. Kanklekawa walking down the bedroom hall attempting to get into bed.
#1 Uuh - sitting on the edge of bed.
#2 Uuh - getting right leg on bed.
#3 Uuh - getting left leg on bed.
#4 Uuh - lying down.
#5 Uuh - putting glasses on the nightstand.
#6 Uuh - trying to find her mouthguard on the nightstand, but can't see.
#7 Uuh - putting glasses back on to find mouthguard.
#8 Uuh - finds mouthguard and places into mouth.
#9 Uuh - puts glasses back down.
#10 Uuh - reaching to turn off her light.
#11-18 Uuhs - The next "uuh" could be interpreted as one, but I prefer to think of it as a series of 8 quick "uuhs" as she tries to get herself into a comfortable position with various pillows that makes my side of the bed look like the cheap pillow bin at Bed, Bath & Beyond by morning time. I know this sounds like an exaggeration, but it isn't.

And to think there is still eleven weeks left. Uuuuhhhhh...

We have another doctor's appointment this upcoming Wednesday, so I'll be sure to post about it later this week!

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