Monday, July 30, 2007

Week 29 - A Visit From Auntie Anne

This past week my sister, Anne, visited us from New York for a little Southern California trip. As evidenced by the picture, she has big plans to fool our kids that she is the sole proprietor of the chain of Auntie Anne's pretzel stores enjoyed by millions of hungry mall walking folk across America. Anne plans to attach a pretzel with every gift our kids receive from her. And how disappointed our children will be when they find out the only thing she is sole proprietor of is a bad case of Monster Book* fever.

*QUICK EXPLANATION: When we were kids, I used to torture my sister with this Scholastic monster book about all of the old Universal horror movies. Each page was packed with frightfully good material to scare the soiled diapers out of a younger baby sister. All I would have to say is "mooonnnsterrr booook" and my sister would have a fear seizure. Jolly good fun. Back to the blog...

When we picked up my sister from the airport, I had Lisa cover her stomach with a blanket (actually a painting tarp) so Anne couldn't see the size of Lisa's stomach. At home, I gave Anne some yarn (okay...a lot of yarn) to cut off what she thought would be the correct size of Lisa's belly of life. Now this is how large Lisa is currently:
And this is how large my sister guessed Lisa was (no joke...seriously!):It is with no surprise my sister ended up sleeping on the sofa that night...which actually wasn't bad because that's where she was going to sleep anyways. Funny how life works things out.

For the next few days, we did activities that weren't too hard on Lisa's condition: saw a play at Pasadena, went to see The Simpsons Movie at the Arclight, had breakfast at the Griddle Cafe, and smoked a bong.

And for a baby shower gift, my sister had these t-shirts made for the kids:
Our faces tell the whole story: Where did you buy this, and can we return it?

We got a doctor's appointment this Wednesday morning, so I'll put another post up to tell you how it went!

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