Monday, July 16, 2007

Week 27 -- Crazy Mom

My mom is a bit on the goofy side whether it's intentional or not. For instance, years ago my mom was looking for some biker shorts for my sister. She had no idea what size to buy since they're stretch pants. So she goes up to a rather chunky woman also looking at biker shorts to ask what size she wears - just for comparison purposes. The woman tells my mom she wears a medium. My mom responds with a shocked, "YOU wear a MEEEE-DEEE-UM?"

Anyhoo, my sister sent me this picture of my mom:

I know this picture makes it all so obvious, but the balloons my mom bought for our baby shower started to lose its bounce so my mom was going to pop the balloons but decided that the balloons looked like a hat so obviously she got dressed up and put some make up on and had my dad take out his camera to take a picture of her with the balloons on top of her head like a showgirl from some really cheap Vegas production like Cirque du Balloons and had my dad photoshop it with the words "Senior Show Girl" which goes without saying because the picture makes this entire story all so obvious.


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This story has been cracking me up all day. I freakin' love it.