Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 1515 - Holiday Newsletter

Since we are getting closer to the holidays, and the family will be traveling up to Northern California to visit family, I thought I would make the next week of blog entries a little easier for me.  Every year, we send out holiday newsletters that are full of lies and sarcasm.  This year, the concept behind the newsletter is that the kids were heavily featured in a wide variety of tabloid magazines and websites.  I created eight photos of the kids involved in their scandals and figured I would feature one photo a day until Christmas.

So from December 18th-25th, the blog will feature one scandal a day.  By Christmas, we should be leaving the Bay area (i.e. no internet access) and traveling to Sacramento (i.e. internet access).  Hope everyone has a great holiday and see ya in a week!

Happy holidays everyone!

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