Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 1501 - Dear Santa

This weekend, we took the kids to see Santa Claus.  After looking online and realizing that the photo packages at every mall is pretty much the same, we took the kids to the Santa at the Americana.  The Americana is the Valley's version of The Grove, but with more smog.  The only thing I've ever bought at The Americana is a cup of coffee, but that's par for the course for me at any mall.  But the Santa at the Americana is a pretty good one, and the set up is really nice.

If I was in charge of the kids, they would visit Santa wearing a primary colored t-shirt and denim jeans.  But Lisa being Lisa, she busted out the button-down shirt for Andrew and a new holiday dress for Emma.   I am sure both sides of the family are thankful that there is someone in our family that has some fashion sense.

We arrived at the Americana early enough where there was only a five to eight minute wait to see Santa.  While in line, we maintained the Asian stereotype of testing our kids to make sure they efficiently and optimally performed in front of Santa.  What's his name?  Santa Claus.  Where do you sit?  On his lap.  What do you want for Christmas?  WRONG!  You want a slide ruler and an abacus!

When it was Andrew and Emma's turn with Santa, they were still a little shy, but they spoke up and told Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  Andrew said he wanted cars, and Emma asked for a princess castle.  After the small talk, the elf photographer tried to get the kids' attention with a sock monkey.  Emma does a great job posing for pictures, but Andrew is always a little off.  He's always preoccupied looking at something else besides the camera, and his smiles lean between being constipated and a stroke victim.

As the kids trotted off with Lisa with candy canes in hand, I made a u-turn towards the purchase line.   I decided to pick one of two photo packages:  1)  The $30 package which includes (1) 5x7 and a usb drive with every photo; 2) The $20 package which includes a usb drive with your choice of one photo.

I made my way to the computer monitor and viewed the five photos that were taken.  Photo #1 - Emma smiling, Andrew looking off to the side.  Photo #2 - Emma smiling, Andrew looking at the floor.  Photo #3 - Emma not smiling, Andrew constipated.  Photo #4 - Emma smiling, Andrew slightly constipated.  Photo #5 - Emma smiling, Andrew angry.

And Photo #4 it shall be.  Happy holidays...with a slight chance of constipation!

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