Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 1499 - Hairy Situation

I think when you have boy/girl twins, you inevitably have the kids take interest in the opposite gender's toys and clothes.  Emma will play with Andrew's cars and fire trucks, and Andrew will play with Emma's dolls and fairy wings.  We've even had conversations with Andrew explaining to him why only girls and Daddy wear dresses.

Most of the time, our kids just don't want to be left out.  For instance, if Emma is getting fingernail stickers, then Andrew wants them because he wants the same amount of attention.  For the most part, we let our kids play with or wear whatever they want to at home.  But we will try to point them towards the "right" direction when going out into public; Lisa tends to do this more since she is quite embarrassed with my general appearance.

The one thing that has been hilarious is what happens at our preschool.  There are occasions when a teacher may braid Emma's hair at school.  It's quite fancy and impressive.  But of course, Andrew feels left out, so he wants something done to his hair too.  Since Andrew's hair is no where as long as Emma's, the teacher needs to improvise.  What she came up with is sprouting Andrew's hair with rubber bands. 

Here are a few glamor shots of Andrew's various hair styles:

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