Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 1322 - Spinning Out of Control

Kids like to spin and get dizzy.  I can only assume it is their version of getting drunk.  I on the other hand cannot hold my liquor, so I usually refrain from libations.  But get me dizzy, and I'm the life of the party!

Ever since I can remember, Andrew and Emma love to get dizzy.  As soon as they were able to stand, they would twirl until they fell down.  Over and over, they would fall on their face.  Much like Lisa jogging on an uneven sidewalk.

But now that they have experienced amusement parks and are a little more sophisticated with their creativity, they have figured out that if they turn their indoor slide upside down, then they can use it as a spinning device.  One kid sits in the upside down slide while the other spins the slide around in a circle.  Ingenious, no?  And I am renting this spinning slide for birthday parties and bar/bat mitzvahs for $49/day (Emma and Andrew not included).

Here's a short video clip of the kids spinning around in circles.  You will be able to tell from this clip that one kid gets the short end of the stick with the thrill of dizziness.

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