Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 1320 - Auntie Anne's Visit

Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) will be leaving us tomorrow.  The kids always enjoy having Auntie Anne over because they have to play with who have their same interests and emotional intelligence.  And although it's always nice to have my sister around, Lisa and I will be glad we no longer have to take care of three babies.

As I was looking over the photos we took while Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) was visiting, I noticed something in common:  junk food.  The one thing that the Ichikawas have besides a lovely baritone voice is a sweet tooth.  Lisa and I have always tried to control the amount of sweets the kids have, but with preschool we have lost a little bit of the battle.  And with Auntie Anne (pretzel maven), we declared a defeat.

Although we are fine with the kids having the occasional sugar rush, you just want to make sure they aren't eating too many rich or creamy things.  The kids aren't lactose intolerant, but their little toddler tummies can be a little sensitive.  And a sensitive tummy ultimately means a sloppy mess at the end...if you know what I mean.

Here is just a few photos of Auntie Anne (pretzel maven) making our kids into junkies.  And now please excuse me while I give the kids a PowerPoint presentation on how to give yourself insulin shots.

Nutella crepes = nutty craps.

Soft serve yogurt = soft serve feces.

Chocolate fondue = chocolate doo.

Triple layered cake = trip layered baby wipes.

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