Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 1303 - Lego, Speed Racer, Go!

One of the Legoland highlights for the kids was driving a car all by themselves.  That's right...all by...themselves!  Forget the stereotype of careless Asian drivers.  What you should actually be worried about is careless Asian toddler drivers.  They can't see over the dashboard, and they're too busy playing with their iPhones.

As a car affectionado, imagine Andrew's thrill when we told him he would be able to get behind the wheel of a car -- albeit a Lego car -- and drive by himself.  He was beside himself (and in a way he was because he's a twin...).

The ride itself was very simple:  a generic oval track with six electric Lego cars.  After strapping themselves in, each driver was able to step on their pedal to scoot around the track at a speed that Crazy Grandma would consider dangerous:  less than 1 mile per hour.  And the cutest part is that after the ride is over, everyone applauds for the kids for doing such a great job.  Applause that would later cause tears in every toddler when they realize they would not be able to drive an actual car for another eleven to thirteen years.  Thanks a lot, Legoland.

Andrew wanted to be super careful when he was driving.  He mentioned to me that he did not want to bump anyone because that is a bad thing to do.  So imagine his surprise when he was bumped by another driver.  Thankfully, we took a video of this incident and was able to identify the culprit.

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