Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 1306 - Happy Not Me Day

Today, we celebrate the millions of vaginas throughout the world that gave birth to us and our children.  Oddly, they don't call it Happy Vagina Day -- which is occasionally mistaken with V-Day.  Although I do agree Mother's Day makes a better Hallmark card.

Every year, I try to make Mother's Day a relaxing day for Lisa.  The day started off with a delicious breakfast of french toast, eggs, and fresh fruit.  After I finished eating, I asked Lisa what she wanted to eat, but she was too busy doing the dishes.

We then all got into the car and took an afternoon trip to the Farmer's Market and the Grove.  The kids love running around the Grove and watching the water fountains dance.  I love browsing through the Apple Store and Barnes & Nobles.  And I wasn't too sure what Lisa was going to do because she was still circling the parking structure for a space.

When we returned home, it was time for a nap.  I must've been really tired because when I got out of bed, Lisa said I was asleep for two hours.  I figured as much because the living room was a mess of scattered toys and dried playdoh.  I felt sorry for Lisa since that was going to be a major clean up job for her.

After dinner, we were going to open presents.  But that was delayed a bit since Lisa broke a couple of dishes as she was placing them into the dishwasher.  Thankfully, vacuuming and Swiffing the kitchen floor only took an extra fifteen minutes on top of Swiffing the entire living room; I told Lisa she might as well do the entire house while she was at it.

This year we gave Lisa a picture frame with a family portrait, a pair of earrings, and a pancake pan.  The best thing about the pancake pan was the shape.  You see, the kids still call Lisa a Piggy Mommy because of the "Jolly Holiday" song in Mary Poppins.  So I found a pancake pan that was in the shape of a pig!

Somehow as we were all laughing about the pancake pan, I blacked out.  Lisa said she accidentally dropped the pan on my head nine times in a row.  After I came to, the kids and I wished Lisa a wonderful Mother's Day one more time before the gurney took me to the ambulance where I received thirty-two stitches.  This will certainly be a Mother's Day to remember!

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