Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 1294 - Revenge of the Silly

Although Emma and Andrew get along pretty well, there are of course occasions when they get along as famously as Lindsey Lohan and sobriety.  Fighting and arguing is par for the course amongst siblings, and it is for the most part pretty innocuous -- although Abel may have something to say about that.

What was once just crying and slapping between the kids has become a little more sophisticated.  They know each other well enough to push each other's buttons, so there is now intentional harassment.  Furthermore, I've noticed a sense of an eye for an eye action occurring too.

Recently, Emma was playing with Andrew's cars.  If there is one thing that Andrew protects more than his groin, it is all of his Disney Cars toys.  He plays with them every day and knows them by name.  So imagine his anger when he saw Emma recklessly playing with all of his Cars toys.

At first he politely asked Emma to stop playing with his toys by saying, "Emma!  Stop it now!  My toys!"  And after he tried to take his toys back, Emma made a run for it.  She grabbed a bunch of his cars and ran up the stairs.

Ordinarily, Andrew would just cry or angrily hit/slap/shiv Emma.  But this time he took a different course of action.  He purposely decided to take some of her favorite toys and play with them.  He hollered to her, "Emma!  I'm taking YOUR toys!"

I thought this was an interesting choice for Andrew.  He knew how angry it made him when Emma took his toys, so he decided to inflict that same anger towards her by taking her toys.  We take for granted how we process our actions, but with toddlers, you're able to see it in a whole different way:  you actually see the genesis of our actions.

But when I saw which toys of Emma's he was taking, I also saw the genesis of another action:  poor decision-making. 

Andrew exacted his revenge by wearing Emma's cherished Disney Princess outfit complete with fluffy high-heeled shoes.  I don't know if Andrew got any satisfaction out of his revenge, but I have a feeling that this picture of Andrew will be used one day by Emma for this very same reason.

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