Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 1285 - Conversations with Andrew

Sometimes I get bored when the kids take a really long time to eat their dinner.  I try to sit down with them as long as possible, but I occasionally sneak away to check my e-mail or some other geeky stuff on the computer (i.e. gadget blogs, video game reviews, porn).

The other day, I snuck away to the sofa to check my e-mail on my iPad.  But since I have already donated enough money to Nigerian princes, I decided to play a racing game.  This got Andrew's attention immediately.

"What you doing, Daddy?" asked Andrew as he was munching on some apples.

"Oh.  Nothing," I said.

Then Andrew became more specific.  "What you doing on the iPad?" he asked again.

"Umm," I hesitated as I was trying to make a couple of tight turns.  "I'm just...checking my e-mail."

"You not checking your e-mail," Andrew countered.  "E-mail doesn't go 'vroom-vroom'!"

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