Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 1287 - Speed Racer

On Andrew's second birthday, he received one of those toy cars that he could scoot around the house.  At our previous home, the entire place was carpeted so Andrew was never able to move around that fast.  But at our new home, the main floor has wood flooring.  All I can say is that when Andrew's on that car it's like he just had an illegal concoction of Red Bull, espresso, and cocaine.

Our main floor isn't that large, but Andrew somehow has become a master at living room drifting.  It amazes me that he's able to corner the coffee table, sofa, and dining table without falling or hitting anything.  But this does make me question whether the multiple times he has run over Emma was done on purpose.

His favorite thing to do is to go as fast as he can from the front door to the end of the main floor hallway.  He can do this for hours on end...which we encourage because he goes down for naps a lot faster then.  Here's a video featuring his speediness:


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