Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 1278 - Conversations with Andrew

Each night when we tuck Andrew into bed, he asks Lisa to check on him.  There's not a whole lot that happens for us to check on.  Maybe the sheets are askew.  A monkey doll might be dangling precariously off the bed.  Or a drunk hobo might be doing shadow puppets above his headboard.  I usually hope for the askew sheets.

On this one particular night, Lisa checked on Andrew after she took a shower.  As she tip-toed into the bedroom, she kneeled next to Andrew to give him a little kiss.

"You check on me, Mommy?" asked Andrew.

"Yes," said Lisa.  "I'm checking on you."

"What you do?  You take shower?"

"I just finished taking a shower," said a stankless Lisa.

"Why your hair not wet?" wondered Andrew.

"I didn't wash my hair tonight," answered Lisa.

"Hmm," thought Andrew as he touched Lisa's hair.  "Well, it stinky.  You have stinky hair."

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