Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 1280 - Sundae School

At preschool, when it is someone's birthday the kids get a special treat.  It's usually cupcakes, ice cream or cookies.  My mom was pretty strict about the sweets, so when it was my birthday she sent me to school with rice balls, tempura, or slide rulers.

The last time Emma and Andrew got ice cream at school, they devoured an entire Drumstick cone.  Since we have always given our kids frozen yogurt, this ice cream cone gave them a little bit of a stomachache.  And please do not generalize and assume our kids are lactose-intolerant because they are Asian; they are not.  And by that I mean our kids are half German -- or at least I think our postman is German.

So an unusual thing happened at preschool today.  It was a teacher's birthday, and she made little ice cream sundaes for all of the students.  As she was scooping out the ice cream, Emma went up to the teacher and said, "The last time we had too much ice cream, we got a tummy ache.  So we just want a little bit ice cream."

And Andrew chimed in, "Yah.  We got a tummy ache."

The teacher gladly listened to our kids and gave them a teeny-weeny bit of ice cream. 

I suppose most parents would be proud of their three year old children to display this amount of self-control and maturity.  It is an example of seeing your children developing a more complex understanding of cause and effect. 

But when Lisa told me this story, all I could say is, "WHAT THE F*^% IS WRONG WITH OUR KIDS?"  If I was a kid and I was getting a scoop of ice cream, my response to the teacher would be, "Bring it on, biatch!"  Too much ice cream can always be solved with a toilet and 20mg of lipitor.

Despite my immaturity and sweet tooth, I am pretty pleased that our kids were smart enough and outgoing enough to speak up to their teacher.  Although they have only been in school for three months, Emma and Andrew are really starting to enjoy it and developing into individuals.  Albeit, nerdy and teacher's pet individuals.

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