Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 1205 - Day Three: Preschool Week

As I walked the kids to school, there was a part of me that was nervous because this would be their first day at school without me. I constantly reminded the kids that I was not going to stay with them at school, but I would pick them up at lunch. I also told them that if I smelled of alcohol when I picked them up, not to tell Mommy.

Approaching school, every thing seemed fine. When we got to the front of the building, the kids began saying good bye to me already, but I told them I had to walk them inside first. My mom told me when I started preschool, she had the same worries of separation anxiety. But she said I transitioned quickly and soon began telling her to go home immediately. Little did she know that I wanted her to leave because of extreme embarrassment.

After I signed in the kids, I decided I would give them their hugs and kisses and make a clean break. But as I walked towards the exit gate, something tugged at my leg: it was Andrew. His eyes were full of tears, and he did not want me to leave.

It was a little heartbreaking to tear his little hands away from my masculine and toned man-thighs. I did not want to make this into a big deal, so I had to figure out a quick escape. I simply pointed over Andrew's shoulder and shouted, "Isn't that Lightning McQueen?" And when he turned around, I ran away.

A teacher was holding Andrew as I left. At first, I was concerned for Andrew, but when I turned around, I grew more concerned for the teacher because Andrew was violently swatting her away. Hopefully, she does not bruise easily.

When I returned at 12pm to pick up the kids, they were happily playing in the sandbox and did not want to leave. I spoke to a teacher to see how Andrew did after I left. She told me he cried a few minutes, and then began to play. I added that it must help that he has his sister at school, too.

"Funny, you bring that up," said the teacher. "When you left, I asked Emma if she wanted to give her brother a hug to make him feel better. Without even looking up at me, she said, 'No.'"

Great to know Andrew has a sister he can depend on.

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