Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 1202 - Poll Results & New Poll: Preschool Week

Last week I asked if you thought it was okay if Andrew played video games. Fifty percent of you thought it was a bad idea, and if I allowed him to do so I'd might as well say good bye and rename him Boo Radley. Thirty-three percent were more lenient and thought an occasional video game would be okay as long as it did not become a habit. Sadly, this is the same advice given to Courtney Love and Charlie Sheen.

I decided that it would be okay to have Andrew play an occasional game on the phone or the computer as long as it met three guidelines: 1) The game is used as a reward or motivator, 2) the game should be educational, and 3) it is a game I want to purchase. I figure if video games ever become a problem, I'll just force Andrew to play Dead Space or Resident Evil and that will probably make him not want to play another game for at least five years.


Tomorrow is a momentous day in the Ichikawa family for two reasons: 1) The kids begin preschool, and 2) I will have to cash in a few mutual funds to pay for preschool for the next year and a half.

Lisa and I have been trying to make the first day of preschool an exciting day for the kids. We talk about how they will make friends, get to play with new toys, and create different arts and crafts projects. But I also don't want to over-hype preschool for the kids like the way my co-workers over-hyped the movie Crash for me.

So what do you think? By the end of the week, do you think the kids will be excited for preschool or have a bad case of separation anxiety?

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