Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 1198 - Game Strategy

Once a day, if the kids are well-behaved, we allow them to play one game on our cell phone. Oh fine, whom am I kidding. Several times a day, we bribe the kids to be well-behaved by allowing them to play games on our cell phone.

A particular game that they enjoy is a matching game with characters from the movie Cars. But it's not an authorized game so it's a bunch of similar looking cars that you'd probably find being sold in a questionable toy store called Toys R Gus.

I noticed that Emma got the hang of the game pretty fast. In some instances, she remembered where the matching cars were better than me. But that's not much of an accomplishment when you're looking at the guy who gets lost at the Costco parking lot every weekend.

As for Andrew, he seemed to be challenged by the game. It took him a really long time to make matches. Andrew would just stare at the screen and hit the same tiles over and over again. I was about to reduce the direct deposit into Andrew's college fund until I realized something a few days later: he was missing up on purpose.

The kids had two different objectives: Emma wanted to complete the game with the best time possible, and Andrew just wanted possession of the game as long as possible. Eventually, you could see the joy in Andrew's eyes as he stalled the completion of his turn, all the while increasing Emma's impatience and frustration with not getting her turn.

If I was back in school, I would probably ask Emma to tutor me and ask Andrew for a copy of the answer key.

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