Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 1116 - Happy Hallowheeze

This Halloween, we got tricked because we were treated with an under the weather child. Sadly, Andrew didn't feel too well today so we decided to forgo the traditional high fructose collection. But before you feel too sorry for Emma, we did hit an outside mall for an afternoon of Halloween activities and trick or treating.

For the first time, the kids were old enough to understand the basic mechanics of Halloween: whore yourself for candy. They picked their costumes, they helped make decorations, and they were able to say "Trick or Treat" and "Give up the loot, Grandpa!"

Here are some pictures from the past week with the kids getting ready and celebrating Halloween...

We went to a nearby farm to pick our pumpkins. The kids had fun running through the the corn fields, pumpkins, and horse feces. When we got home, I had the kids help me prepare the pumpkins for carving. After cutting off the top, I let them pull out the pumpkin seeds. As you can see, Andrew thought it was disgustingly funny thing to do.

But Emma just thought the whole process smelled funny. She really did not enjoy the slimy feeling of the pumpkin innards. All she cared about was toasting the pumpkin seeds and carving the pumpkins.

Surprise, surprise. When I asked the kids what they wanted on their pumpkins, Andrew said Lightning McQueen and Emma said a Disney Princess. I was pleasantly surprised at the way the pumpkins turned out. I think the Lightning McQueen is pretty spot on, but my Ariel can also be mistaken for a post-coital Wilma Flintstone.

Emma was dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. As you can see she is the splitting image of Belle...if she was a 3ft tall Japanese girl carrying a gigantic pumpkin. What Emma really loved was her Princess wand. Not only does it light up, but it is also extremely useful to swat Andrew with.

Andrew wanted to be Lightning McQueen. The only costume we found at the Disney Store was this costume which is a Lightning McQueen racing outfit. I figured it was close enough, but Auntie Susan was nice enough to help us with his costume. My brilliant idea was to have her make some wheels that we could attach to Andrew's arms and legs so it would look like he was a car. Brilliant right?

Well, not so brilliant. Auntie Susan made these great wheels that we were able to attach to Andrew's arms and legs with velcro straps. Lisa and I thought it looked great on Andrew, and Andrew was not particularly happy. He was upset because the wheels wouldn't stay straight on his arms and legs, and he kept on adjusting the velcro straps. I suggested to Lisa that I could use a staple gun, but she just rolled her eyes and stapled my forehead...several times.

And this last photo was taken tonight before the kids went to sleep. We let the kids make some pumpkin sugar cookies, and they were super happy to eat them for dessert. And as they happily went to sleep after a busy day, Mommy and Daddy were super happy to eat all Andrew's and Emma's candy for dessert. Happy Halloween, suckahs!

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