Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 1115 - Conversations with Emma & Andrew

Andrew is very protective of all of his Cars toys. And by protective I mean violent and psychotic. There are occasional times when he is willing to share his Cars toys with Emma, but for the most part a hand on his cars means a slap in the face.

Andrew has a Cars play mat that is decorated like the town of Radiator Springs -- the place where most of the movie takes place. Emma was lying down on it, and Andrew did not like this at all.

"Emma, get off!" demanded Andrew.

"I just lying down, Andrew," explained Emma.

"Emma! Stop!" Andrew said with more anger.

"No," said Emma with a sneer.

"Move, Emma! MOOOOOVE!" At this point, Andrew's entire head looked like an infected pimple that was about to burst.

Emma ignored Andrew's request and just rolled on her back.

"Okay, Emma. I going to sit on you then!" And Andrew did exactly that. He sat his butt on top of Emma's body.

It was all quite funny until Emma said, "'t...breathe..."

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