Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 1097 - The Case of the Missing Bunny

Tonight was an especially difficult night getting Emma ready for bed. During bath time, she refused to get into the tub, and when she did get in she kicked water all over Lisa. Entertainingly for me, Lisa was wearing a white t-shirt. Getting her out of the bath wasn't any easier. Emma was still in a foul mood and getting her dressed was another gigantic chore. But once again, at least Lisa was still wearing a wet white t-shirt.

After the kids drink their milk and chew their vitamins, they get to pick one YouTube video to watch. Andrew always asks for a Cars video, but Emma has a wider interest. She might pick anything from a Disney Princess to a music video or even watching two girls doing very disgusting things with one cup. But since she misbehaved, she was denied her YouTube video.

While I was downstairs with Andrew watching a Cars video for the 1000th time, Lisa called for me. She asked me if I knew where Emma's coveted bunny blanket was. I had no idea, but if we didn't find that blanket we were going to have a very long night ahead of us.

After Lightning McQueen finished the Piston Cup race (...for the 1000th time...), Andrew and I headed upstairs to help find Emma's bunny blanket. As we walked, Andrew said, "I know where it is. I know where it is." So I was curious to see whether or not he truly knew where it was.

We entered the room just as Lisa found Emma's blanket behind the loveseat.

"I know where it is," chimed Andrew again.

"You knew where it was, Andrew?" asked Lisa.

"Yah. I know where it is," said Andrew.

"Why did you know where it was?" questioned Lisa.

"I put there," said Andrew.

"You put it there? Why did you hide Emma's blanket?" Lisa said with outrage.

And then Andrew said in his best Lou Costello voice, "Because Emma was a baaaaaaaad girl."

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