Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 1092 - Conversations with Andrew

Although I have been making the kids sit on their potty seats four times a day, we are still not out of diapers yet. I try to motivate the kids with their toddler minds why it would be so exciting to finally stop wearing diapers and start to wear big boy and girl underwear. And when I get down, I try to motivate myself by repeating my potty training mantra: Save $150 a month. Save $150 a month. Save $150 a month.

When I had Andrew sitting on the potty, I had this talk with him.

"Andrew, don't you want to wear your Lightning McQueen underwear?" I asked.

"Nope," replied Andrew.

"But Andrew, you are becoming such a big boy now. You have to learn how to do your pee and poop in the toilet, okay?"

"Nope. I don't want to," explained Andrew.

So I decided to use some simple logic with Andrew.

"Andrew, is Mommy a big girl?"


"Do big girls wear diapers or go on the potty?"


"So if Mommy is a big girl, where does she go pee and poop?"

"On dah potty."

"That's right," I exclaimed. "So is Daddy a big boy?"


"Do big boys wear diapers or go on the potty?"


"So where does Daddy go pee and poop?"

"In your pants! HAHAHAHAH!" Andrew said with biting sarcasm.

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