Friday, September 21, 2007

Week 36 - D-DAY!

7:50pm: Going into the OR in 10 minutes. Wish us luck. In about an hour we will be a family of four.



Lisa is having a delicious dinner of IV fluid. The nurse said it was made special by the head chef.
The hospital has been busy with babies today. There has been 6 babies delivered by c-section and just as many natural births. And all healthy so hopefully that is a good sign for us.

Lisa is still very calm and ready for these babies to come out. She is just knitting away at her feeble attempt at a blanket. She is also extremely excited to get the drugs. Hopefully she won't have to be put into a halfway house after delivery.

Also today is Yom Kippur which makes my gut instinct that Eric Goldberg is responsible for these babies even more likely. If these babies come out hairy with little yarmulkes that puts the final nail in the coffin!


5:33pm: Lisa has started to feel more contractions again. It's a bit weird because all day she felt nothing until she got in that weird robot bed here at the hospital. I blame the bed...and Lisa's body.

I myself am pretty relaxed. So much so I was able to doo a number two. Didn't eat much all day, but grabbed some grub down the street. Maybe I should try to take a nap right now cause I don't think I will ever sleep again.

We hear that the epidural is usually done right before labor. I guess that should happen around 7pm.

Oh. And Lisa's mom is flying down to LA right now. Since it's actually raining a little bit right now, I hope she isn't wearing any inappropriate clothing like a thong.



As you can see Lisa is just talking away having a grand old time because her bloated belly is about to become manageable again.

We went in for a doctor's appointment this afternoon, and the doctor told us that she's around 4 cm dilated, the cervix is hardly there, and she actually felt a hand (HIGH FIVE!). She admitted us so she could monitor Lisa to see if she was contracting, and she was. So after discussing it with the doctor, the nurse, and us we decided it was now time. Actually I was the only one voting for another few months, but I was vetoed :(

I'll try to keep an ongoing hour by hour log here at the hospital telling you what's going on in all it's nasty, surgical glory. They are planning to perform a c-section between 8-9pm today. So stay tuned!!!!!

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Lisa H said...

Congrats!! It's 11:30p any updates?? Pics??