Monday, September 24, 2007

Day Four - Grandma & Grandpa Ichikawa Visit

Once again, here are some pictures from the past day or so:

Uncle Eric holding his...err...Scott's son.

Eva & Zsa Zsa meet the twins (Rupert is outside on the window ledge.).

Jodie & Lisa hold the kids (Emma ate her hat.).

The kids share a bed for the first time! They love it. I take that back. Andrew hates it.

The kids are going to wake up soon, so let me tell you a quick Mom Ichikawa story before diaper doo-ty. Grandma and Grandpa Ichikawa came in last night to visit the kids for a few days. Obviously, the first thing my mom did is she ran straight for the kids.

"Oooooooh myyyyyyyy. Look at them. So cuuuuuute! Harrow Andrew and Emma! So cuuuuuute!'

Then she saw Lisa in bed. The first thing my mom said to Lisa was, "You look green."

Good thing Lisa was medicated.

We are checking out tomorrow so wish us luck at home!

Grandpa Ichikawa says, "Lean...lean...lean. Perfect! You're out of the picture."

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